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We are a domestic manufacturer and distributor of innovative, microbiological indicator tests intended for the dairy industry in the routine control of dairy raw material for the detection of residues of antibacterial substances in milk under the trade name of POLUTEST® M and POLUTEST® MS – qualitative tests.

These are commercial tests produced in a fixed form as a powder in a single-use tube with a hydrating reagent attached.

What makes us stand out?

They are distinguished by a low price, a broad spectrum of inhibitory substances detection, optimal sensitivity to the residues of most veterinary drugs and a long shelf life of at least 18 months at refrigeration temperature.

Such a long shelf life of the tests is the result of their anhydrous form, which was achieved thanks to the use of a gel-forming agent which has not been previously used in microbiological methods, and forms a gel without heating directly after hydration.

What do the tests detect?

The tests allow for the detection of antibacterial substances at concentrations close to the MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) or lower (β-lactam antibiotics) and can be used in the routine control of milk in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

They have been in continuous sale on the market since 1990.

 In addition to the qualitative POLUTEST tests, we also produce microbiological quantitative PENSULF tests intended for confirmatory tests, enabling the quantitative analysis of the amount of penicillins (β-lactams) in milk and their identification, and additionally ensuring the identification of the sulphonamide group.

Service activity

Where are our tests going?

We supply dairy plants, district dairy cooperatives, other laboratories, breeders and farmers with tests.

What we do?

We perform tests of milk samples for residues of inhibitory substances with the POLUTEST MS test and, if necessary, at the client’s request, confirmatory tests with the PENSULF test / own procedures according to PN-A-86033: 2002

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