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The tests - POLUTEST® and PENSULF

were developed and patented at the Experimental Station in Olsztyn of the now non-existent Institute for Dairy Research in Warsaw. I am a co-inventor of both biological inventions (patent descriptions: PL 160080 B1 and PL 196107 B1). After the liquidation of the Institute (2006), the production rights were acquired by the Lab-Mlek Milk Testing Laboratory Sp. z o. o. in Olsztyn, where the production continued until September 2019. In June 2019, at the Meeting of Shareholders of the Company a decision about its liquidation was made. Further production and distribution of the tests was taken over by a business entity named POLUTEST Barbara Kawiorska with a registered office in Olsztyn. The company was initially located in a building at ul. Tuwima 1. Currently, it operates in the L-1 facility at ul. Trylińskiego 8, laboratory no. 113 in the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park.


are manufactured on the basis of a biological component – bacterial biomass of the test strain Bacillus stearothermophilus var. calidolactis and other dry ingredients properly selected qualitatively and quantitatively so that the product shows maximum sensitivity to inhibitory substances, and that the time of the test does not exceed 3.5 hours, and the obtained results are unambiguous and comparable with other methods recommended by international standardisation organisations. The tests are offered in the form of a powder prepared in portions for single use with the attached hydration reagent. Thanks to their fixed form, they remain fully active for 18 months. They are characterised by a very simple method of performing the analysis, clarity, unambiguity and repeatability of the results, as well as a wide range of detectability of inhibitory substances. POLUTEST allows for the detection of antibiotics of all groups used in veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical products, as well as disinfectants and washing agents.

What is designation?

The test consists in hydrating the product with 0.3 ml of the hydrating reagent, applying a sample of the tested milk in the amount of 0.1 ml, incubating for 3h ± 15min for POLUTEST M or 3h 15min ±  15min for POLUTEST MS at 640C in a heating block, at 650C in a water bath, or at 670C in a thermostat and reading the results on the basis of the indicator colour change caused by the growth of the test strain (Bacillus stearothermophilus var. calidolactis). The result is determined based on the colour of the gel. A blue-violet colour indicates the presence of inhibitory substances in the milk, while a yellow colour indicates their absence.  

Our range

Currently, the following types of tests are available:

POLUTEST® M         – for the detection of antibiotics

POLUTEST ® MS      – for the detection of antibiotics and sulphonamides

Basic set :
–    20 tests in standard JUMED or EQUIMED test tubes
–    a cardboard stand
– reagents for hydration of POLUTEST
– self-adhesive film for sealing test tubes during incubation       


– 100 tests in EPPENDORF tubes
– reagents for hydration of POLUTEST

Each set of tests (the smallest unit packaging),
-20 tests in standard JUMED or EQUIMED test tubes with a diameter of 11.7 mm
-100 tests in EPPENDORF test type with a diameter of 10.4 mm is provided with a hydrating reagent.

Standard test tubes are intended for incubation in ELPIN+ (LUBAWA) heating blocks, and Eppendorf tubes for incubation in STD heating blocks.

PENSULF is a dry, ready for use product for the identification of penicillins and sulphonamides and for the quantitative analysis of penicillins with a shelf life of 24 months at refrigeration temperature, developed at the Experimental Station in Olsztyn of the Institute for Dairy Research in Warsaw according to PN-A-86033:2002, validation-Lab-Mlek Milk Testing Laboratory Sp. z o. o. in Olsztyn/own procedure according to PN-A-86033:2002

PENSULF products can be used for tests confirming the results of a qualitative test and for making an administrative decision in the case of detecting a sample with penicillin residues exceeding the maximum residue limit (MRL) or 4ppb (µg/kg) 

PENSUF product ready for use: (dry set 1 pc)
– for preparing 10 test plates for the analysis of 20 milk samples

– dry nutrient component
– lyophilisate of spores of Bacillus stearothermophilus var.calidolactis ATCC 109149
– a vial with penicillinase
– a vial of p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) of analytical grade
– trimethoprim/reagent of analytical grade
– auxiliary materials to determine the concentration of penicillins, instructions for performing the test

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